About self defense cobra pepper spray - use of pepper spray

containing extracts ("O.C") from RED Chili Pepper.
2) What is O.C (Oleoresin Capsaicin)?
"O.C" is the extract from the Chili, O.C is what is 
responsible for making chilies HOT.
When sprayed with COBRA, the immediate effect is of
 severe burning sensation in the eyes (thus shutting 
them), apart from this the liquid also penetrates the
 skin pores & creates a burning sensation from 
within, also the spray causes very heavy irritation in the
 MUCUS membrane inside the nasal cavity, the over all
 effect of these factors renders the person completely 
helpless & in very high degree of pain & burning.
4) How long does pepper spray take to effect the
 inflicted person?
The effect is immediate & on contact.
 ( tear gas takes 10 - 12 seconds )
For the complete effects to wear off takes up to 2- 3 hrs,
 however the maximum effect is for 45 - 60 mnts when
 the person is completely helpless & in a very high 
degree of pain & discomfort.
"COBRA pepper spray" has no known permanent effects,the initial 2- 3 hrs of high discomfort & pain is the only effect.
Yes, "COBRA pepper spray" is an "ARM". ----Under the  "ARMS" act, anything made or designed for the specific purpose of Defense or Offence & machinery 
used to manufacture the same fall under the category of "ARMS", by this definition even a wooden pole made for the reason of attacking or defending is an "ARM", however if  the same is used for agriculture purpose it is not labeled as an "ARM".
8) Is a license required to carry this on person?
Under the 'ARMS" act, license is required only for "Fire Arms"(containing gun powder & explosive ingredients), hence no license is required for "COBRA PEPPER SPRAY"
"COBRA PEPPER SPRAY" has been specifically designed keeping in mind that this is going to be used when the person is under attack & probably one of the hands is already busy in warding off the attacker, hence COBRA - MAGNUM PEPPER SPRAY
 has been designed for simple & single hand "draw & fire" action
All a person needs to do is, aim in the general direction of the face of the attacker & press down the nozzle/ pull the trigger. Pepper spray is as easy to use as a "CAN" of room freshener or perfume spray
Under the law SELF-DEFENSE pepper spray is permitted.
In case of accidental contact or discharge, do not rub the area of contact. As this will only aggravate the situation, the only remedy for this is to flush with running water, effects wear off after some time from used time of pepper spray
13) In a nutshell, how strong is "COBRA PEPPER SPRAY"?
In a nutshell, "COBRA" is at least 20 times stronger/ hotter than the chili powder used in our kitchen everyday
"COBRA PEPPER SPRAY” has been designed to emit / discharge a "cloud pattern” spray effective up to 8 ft ,for Magnum & Magnum Pro Models, Standard model has an effective spray of 6 ft
Usually a half second burst is enough, however if the suspect is under the influence of DRUGS or ALCOHOL (which increase the resistance to pain) keep the nozzle pressed down, till the desired effect of pepper spray is achieved.
"COBRA PEPPER SPRAY" Magnum / Magnum Pro have a high emission rate, the container empties in 9 seconds when fired continuously (usually a half second burst is enough to put down an individual), COBRA PEPPER SPRAY Standard has a slightly lower rate of discharge and the unit will empty our in approximate 20 seconds

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